Festival Itinerary 2018

Celebrating Silk Responsibly

About Silk n Dye Festival

The thought behind: Wild silks in Assam are obtained from the cocoons of silk moths. A cocoon consists of fine fibres which are converted to yarn and used to make fabrics. Traditionally, yarns were dyed with flowers, leaves, roots, seeds and other natural elements of colour. Over the past few years environment concerns have increased the demand for naturally dyed products. The Silk n Dye festival, organized by Janambhumi Janakalyan in association with YCSD and Earth Craft, seeks to give silk weavers of the region a platform to showcase their products and introduce an age old tradition of silk farming and natural dyeing to the world.

Event Date: 1st December – 9th December 2018
Venue:: IORA Festival Ground,
IORA – The Retreat, Kaziranga, Assam, India
Phone: +91 361 220666, +91 361 2206789, +91 98540 54862
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A humble effort to introduce the age old tradition of Silk farming, Handloom weaving and Natural

dyeing of the region to the world.

Glimpses of Silk n Dye

Celebrating the festival of nature craft and silk trail of the North-East India

Festival Activities



Silk n Dye” will exhibit silk production starting from hand spinning silk yarn from the cocoon to weaving the finished silk fabric.



Silk n Dye” workshops will take you through a journey imbibing the old with the new, personalizing your journey as you collect natural dyes from the surrounding flora and fauna



The festival will also showcase other artisans of handicraft and handloom giving you an insight into the local traditions and craft culture.



The festival will stage different folk dance and music every evening.

Know about Wild Silk

Silk, also known as “The Queen of Textiles” is the strongest natural fibre. Protein secreted by the silk worm to create cocoon is converted to a fine fibre, which is then hand reeled to form yarn and hand woven into a lustrous fibre. Assam is famous for its indigenous wild silk which is lustrous, smooth and with an affinity for dyes.

About Natural Dye

North-East India is floristically rich and has more than 3000 flowering plant species. The people of this

region, in olden days used varied combinations of seeds, roots, flowers herbs, barks, plants etc. to

colour their silk fabric resulting in vibrant and colourful costumes of North-East India

Come - Stay With Us!

1st - 9th December, 2018

About IORA – The Retreat, Kaziranga

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of lush green tea gardens and conveniently located just off National Highway 37, IORA is a luxury resort at Kaziranga, a perfect blend of the tranquility of Assam and the comforts of a modern Luxury resort. IORA offers a serene, rejuvenating experience with liberal doses of warm Assamese hospitality and supported by the best in state-of-the-art amenities.

IORA - The Retreat, Kaziranga

IORA is a luxury resort at Kaziranga, a perfect blend of the tranquility of Assam and the comforts of a modern Luxury resort.

Organised by Janambhumi Janakalyan

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