Festival Itinerary 2018



“Silk n Dye” will exhibit silk production starting from hand spinning silk yarn from the cocoon to weaving the finished silk fabric. 


“Silk n Dye” workshops will take you through a journey imbibing the old with the new, personalizing your journey as you collect natural dyes from the surrounding flora and fauna and dyeing it to the colour of your choice. You can carry home the souvenir and an experience to treasure.


The festival will also showcase other artisans of handicraft and handloom giving you an insight into the local traditions and craft culture. Silk n dye will give the weavers and craftsmen space to display their products and sell. Guests will be able to buy craft directly from them. 


The festival will stage different folk dances and music every evening.

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1st December -->> 9th December, 2018

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Aidew Bozar